Oct. 4th 2019
TIME Event Description Location
8:00 Vendors set up Assembly Rm
9:00 at 1st Pres. Assembly Rm Geneva & Chapel
10:00 Vendors/Assembly Rm Assembly Rm Not Available/School
10:30 Vendors/Assembly Rm Assembly Rm 8-noon
11:00 Vendors/Assembly Rm Assembly Rm
12:00 Lunch Lunch
1:00 Opening 1:00 Opening Sanctuary
2:00 Alice/Masterclass Alexander Tech Sanctuary
3:00 Mass Horn Rehearsal Sanctuary Sanctuary
4:00 Randal Faust, “How to play the Horn” Chapel Sanctuary/Wedding reh
5:00 Break Break
5:30 Artist Concert Sanctuary Sanctuary
7:00 Artist Concert Sanctuary Sanctuary
7-8 Dinner Break Dinner Break
8:15 Univ. and Mass Horn Choir rehearsal Sanctuary Sanctuary
1st Presbyterian Church
320 Date Street
San Diego, CA 92101


Oct. 5th 2019
TIME Event Description Location
8:00 Warm ups with Alice and Johanna Sanctuary Sanctuary
9:00 Mass Horn Reh. Sanctuary Sanctuary
10:30 University choir Sanctuary Sanctuary
10:30 Adam Wolf, Pod cast Jerry Folsom Chapel
11:30 Lunch Lunch
12:30 Peak Performance Don Greene Chapel 12:30-2:30
1:30 College Prep for Musicians Annie Bosler wedding
3:00 Adam Wolf Geneva room Sanctuary
4:00 Lisa Ford Sanctuary 2:30-4
5:00 Break Jazz service
5:30 Artist Concert Sanctuary Chapel 3-6
7:00 Artist Concert Sanctuary
7-8 Dinner
8:00 1M1 Hollywood Horns Movie Chapel
1st Presbyterian Church
320 Date Street
San Diego, CA 92101


Oct. 6th 2019
TIME Event Description
Symphony Towers
750 B Street,
San Diego, CA 92101
10:30 Brunch Univ. Club, 34th floor Sym tower
11:00 Brunch
12:30 Mass Horn Choir Reh. Jerry Folsom,
1:50 Flash Horns Balcony Hansel Gretel
2-4:00 SDSO Concert
Mahler 5
4:30 after party reception
at Sym. Hall